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RSS Feeds?

Hi, I am having trouble with the RSS Feeds.

I used FeedReader, and it puledl no data at all from the PS3 and Wii feeds.

I then tried Google Reader, and it did pull some info from both the PS3 and Wii feeds, but not nearly as much info as is on, for example, the "PlayStation 3 Tracker Log" at the bottom of the actual tracker pages.

For example, the RSS feed for the PS3 on Google Reader shows the latest postings as a Nov 22 for WalMart, a Nov 20 for GameStop, and Nov 19 for Circuit City.

If one looks at the "PlayStation 3 Tracker Log", there are 14 different entries dated for Nov 22 and 23 alone.

Am I doing something wrong , or is all of the info that shows up on the actual tracking pages not being sent to the RSS?

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