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Link Problems

If you always have problem loading some of our links, (such as "cannot find server" or "this page cannot be displayed" error in your browser), most likely it is caused by software such as ad/popup blocker or security software. Try to disable these programs, delete the cache of your browser, and then try our link again. To correct the problem:

Check your HOST file. There is a  special file named hosts, which in default only has one entry w/ some comments: localhost

But some software may change the file which block access to some servers that we use. Depending on your OS, the file may be located in these directories:

Linux: /etc/hosts
MacOS 8 and 9: System Folder: Preferences: Hosts
Windows 95/98/ME: C:\Windows\hosts
Windows 2000 or NT: C:\Winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows XP Home/Pro: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Check if the following URLs are present, remove the entire line if you found any in the host file:
clickserve.cc-dt.com, click.linksynergy.com, service.bfast.com, www.qksrv.net

These are servers that we use to track statistics they do not generate popups or other hideous tricks.

If you have one of these softwares:

Ad Aware Pro or Plus 6 (non-free versions): Some links may not work. To correct it, open sites.txt under C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 6 (your actual directory may vary), remove these lines - bfast.com, cc-dt.com, linksynergy.com, qksrv.net.

Ad Subtract: Some links disappear. To correct it, you can 1) Select the Filter Tab, click Add, enter www.xpbargains.com, and do not block anything; OR 2) disable Ad substract temporarily.

SpyStop 2: Unblock these links: clickserve.cc-dt.com, click.linksynergy.com, service.bfast.com, www.qksrv.net.

Kazaa Lite: If the optional Supertrick is installed, edit your hosts file as shown above.

Problem with Deals or Coupons

If you have trouble getting the deal or coupon we post, there are some possible causes:

  • The deal or coupon may have expired, double check the expiration date. Deals and coupons may expire earlier than expected for various reasons, for example some merchants may pull a deal or coupon early, or the estimated expiration date given in our site is not correct.

  • The merchandise was sold out quickly and is no longer available. For example, once an Officemax item is sold out, it may appear the item never existed on their website.

  • Check if one of these link problems applies.

  • We made a mistake. The deal or coupon link is broken, or the description of the deal or coupon is not entirely correct. While we try our best to make sure everything is all right, mistakes do happen. Note we are not responsible any problem for inaccuracy or mistake on this site. It's your responsibility to double check everything. See our term of use.

If you have any question about a deal, just follow the deal talk link to post your question in our forum. No user registration is required.

Deal News for Cell Phones and PDAs

Now you can read our deal news On The Go!

For readers with WAP wireless devices (such as a cell phone with web browser), access our daily updated deal news at http://www.xpbargains.com/wap.php.

For readers with Palm OS or Pocket PC PDAs, you can also access our daily updated deal news at http://www.xpbargains.com/pda.php.

  • We support Plucker (a free offline HTML viewer for Palm OS devices) for Palm OS. Just add the line:
    <A HREF="http://www.xpbargains.com/pda.php">xpbargains</A> to your home.html file.
  • Our Mazingo channel for Pocket PC users is now available.
  • Our Handstory Clip for Palm OS handheld PDAs is also available. With Handstory clip service, you can download our daily news on your PDA.

RSS Deal News Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. We encourage you to use our feeds. You can use a RSS client to view our news. We also support klipfarm, a free RSS viewer.

Our daily updated news can be good content for your website, too. We only ask you to put a link back to us, which is provided in the RSS feed. Your visitors will be able to see the most recent deal news, presented in the way you want.

Right now we offer three feeds + feeds on all hot product categories, click on the orange icon for corresponding feed.

Name XML location Description
Most Recent Deal News deal headlines of up to the last 5 days
Expiring Deals expiring deals ordered by expiration
One Random Recent News One random deal news of Today
Various Hot Products Tens of feeds!

Here are some simple sample scripts to use our RSS feeds. w3schools.com is a good place to find more information about XML.

Here are a list of websites that uses our free RSS feeds. If you use our free feeds we can add your website to the list too!

Fight parasites, help small websites

Ad-aware scans your system for components of known Spyware/Adware parasites, Malware, Browser hijackers, Scumware, Foistware, and allows you remove them efficiently and safely.

If you have downloaded some free software, chances are that your computer is infected. Some despicable websites steal traffic from smaller sites such as xpBargains.com using parasite software in your computer. For more information, go to scumware.com.

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