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Update July 10, 2004

Any items that are purchased from a store that already has an established lowest price guarantee program will not be covered under Best Value Guarantee.

The American Express Best Value Guarantee (Or called Price Guarantee, Price Protection, Best Value Guarantee, Pricematch) will refund you the difference if the merchandise drops in price within 60 days. When you buy something, most likely the price will fall in the short future. This is especially true for electronics and computer stuffs. Now with a pricematching credit card, you have confidence that you will get the lowest price in 60 days!

What credit cards  have Best Value Guarantee?

How does it works?

You purchased something using a credit card (such as the American Express Rewards Gold Card and the American Express Starwood Credit Card) that has pricematching capability.

If you find a lower price in print within 60 days, you can file a claim with Amex to get the price difference back. You can find ads with low prices in form of store flyers, or ads in some magazines.

Isn't that cool? You can make lots of similar deals by pricematching. You are covered for up to $250 per covered item, up to $1000 per year.

How to file a claim:

You are covered for up to $250 per item, up to $1000 per year. They will not price match coupons, rebates, sales tax and shipping. So it is best to buy from a source with low shipping and without no sales tax. Here is what you should do to file a claim:

1. Call 800-557-8317 to request a price guarantee (or call it price matching). Write down the claim # that they give you.

2. Have your original invoice, the prints of the lower price.

3. Send them the documents, you can

4. You are done, just wait for your check to arrive! Just keep a copy of all documents.